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Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

Everyone has a family. I don’t give a sh/t what this arrogant BPD did.
The only thing hockey it relates is he coaches a mediocre team.
Let it go. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Everyone had skeletons.
Maybe not like his . Troll Eags

Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

Another banner post from the f67ck head beautician. The fat load that gets his kid cut from every team he's on. Instead of butchering the English language with your always hateful posts look in one of the many mirrors that surround your hollow head. Everyone knows who you are. No one can stand to be around you especially your kids coach. So please take this advice....Shhhhhh!!

Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

You guys talk **** about kids on here, but calling out a womanizing, racist cop crosses the line??

Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

Not the original poster, nor do I know this guy beyond seeing him around the rinks. However, as for the facts in this case, they speak for themselves. Have you seen the video where he brags about ramming into protesters with his police car? To be honest, I don't think that was as bad as booking up with a woman while on BPD time and in a BPD Cruiser. Would your boss allow that behavior to go with a slap and a one year suspension?

Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

This is a new low for even this sight.I cant believe the disgusting, gutless individuals hiding behind the anonymity of this board that attempt to denigrate a man, his name and family, for pure entertainment.

Unlike you liberal slime weasels, I still believe in the premise of innocent until proven otherwise. Lastly, if the left lunacy is giving 2nd chances to convicted molesters and murderers, I will do the same in this case, even if proven guilty.

Re: Clifton McHale Boston Police Sargent

Can we please change the subject to something more newsworthy? What I want to know is if Brendan Walsh is going to accept Billy Tibbetts’ challenge to fight? I’m not sure Tibbetts continuous shout outs to McHale help or hurt him. All honor and praise to the big man!