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Re: Parents filming

Two games today. I witnessed multiple weird looking moms and dad filming their kids shifts. 2011 and 2009 level. Is this the new trend? What are they doing with the footage? Why not just watch?
maybe for grandparents, maybe for memories, maybe done of your business?

Re: Parents filming

Its done for 2 reasons:
Parents running video session post game.
Parents looking for vid highlights for the family.

Both are ridiculous.

Re: Parents filming

Think outside of the box. Clips of the game can be good entertainment during the pandemic. It is free, you can delete easily and it is funny/stupid/great at times. We get some good laughs out of some clips from time to time. We are not studying it, but sometimes share a laugh or a crazy clip with the friends and relatives who are not allowed to visit our state and watch. Stop judging everyone, they don’t all wear your shoes.