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Re: EHF divisions/ parity structuring

EHF coach
Teams decide whch level they will try to qualify for. A good gold team say is winning 66% of their games has the final say as to what level they try to get into but if a team is in Platinum and is consistently losing by 5+ goals they will get the boot
Untrue. The club decides what level they try for. If you make platinum and get your nuts kicked in you are in for a long year. They don’t move anyone out of a division they made.
7 years coaching in the EHF. The coach selects which parity tournaments to play in, with pressure from organization to shoot as high as possible.

The Platinum is easier to get into than the Upper Gold due to the sheer number of teams that will be playing for UG.
Wrong. Platinum is more difficult to make, outside looking in, because it has more established teams with the better rosters. Here's some advice for those who are getting the going for Platinum speech from the gold division coaches. Platinum parity schedules are determined by the teams MyHockeyRankings so the top 5 Platinum teams from the previous year have very easy parity schedules as they are facing 3 low ranked gold teams and a low ranked platinum. The next 5 platinum teams have slightly more challenging schedules. This leads to the same platinum teams staying in the division with the only turnovers coming from teams that lost a lot of quality players, typically 1-2 teams. Over the years a 2-2 parity record keeps you in that division. The gold/white division is a total free for all in parity with tons of teams and I've seen 3-1 parity record teams not get in.