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Re: Time to move up?

If your kid is competitive and is athletic and you provide tons of quality private skating instruction he will be able to make an elite team going into high school. But at that point why would it matter, by then your looking at prep or juniors in the future. And they sure as heck don't care where your bender played.

Re: Time to move up?

You can teach skating very difficult to teach hockey IQ. If he has the IQ move him up

Re: Time to move up?

Play for the coach not the level. Though being in the same boat I’d rather see my kid score 15 goals a season rather than 40. If you have a chance to play at a higher level especially if coaches are calling then you should.

Re: Time to move up?

Before y’all flame me, my bender is top scorer on a rainbow team with 1/3 of total team points. Based on that metric alone, is that enough to move him up? I know he could stay where he is but I want him to continue to develop. Thanks.
Play E9 so you can tell your buddies he plays elite. Then when HS comes, change sports so he doesn't get embarrassed for getting cut.

Re: Time to move up?

Yes, Dave it’s time to move my kid up.