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Re: 95Giants/PHC

At this point you are better off playing town than club hockey in RI. They actually had league games. PHC hasn't had a league game all year and still wants money. Neither has saints or mount. PHC families lied to all year. Bhl parents were left off the schedule by e9/bhl from day one. Not one club team in this state can garuntee our kids can play in a league next year at this point. Go back to town or jump the boarder to play club. Rather my little Billy play ok league games than another **** scrimmage. But go ahead you guys sign contracts with elite teams that don't have a single team to play in the state. That seems reasonable. Maybe they will give you a whopping 10 percent discount for 95 percent deduction of league play that seems reasonable.
Jump the boarder? You jump on people who are renting rooms from you?

Re: 95Giants/PHC

Anyone with half a brain would NOT have their kid play in RI if they live in MASS next season, why take the chance when Covid isn’t going away anytime soon, March 2022 if we are lucky ...

Re: 95Giants/PHC

Mass Exodus in PHC land right now...Charlie Baker is not going to let underground hockey fly next season. One program in RI can ruin it for everyone else