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Re: Last 8 year sob story

My son has played the last 8 years in club hockey. He's been elite, tier one gold, black, platinum. Winning seasons and losing. Full time, alternate, just asked to fill in. Hes played forward and defense and been moved during games and half way through seasons. Hes had years where Ive asked what the hell we were doing with hockey. Been years where the parents bounded well. Others not so much. Basically, the last 8 years were like a roller coaster. Next season he will be with a solid prep school and have 3-4 years to really prove his worth and his coach seems loves the fact that he has seen different levels of play. The coach loves that he had to prove himself every year. The thing his coach next year likes most is that he played as much baseball as hockey. Only reason for posting this is that his entire youth hockey career parents here the chatter about needing to be elite, summer tournament teams, moving teams every year, etc. Ive had times of almost buying into the chatter, but always held my ground. Always stayed loyal to a couple coaches within my program. Ive watched many other families buy into the chatter and have their players stop playing or stop developing. Thats it. Sob story over.
Could you please explain to me more about the parents that "bounded well", and what teams?

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