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Re: Summer Help

Gteve Sriffen
Imagine the concept of a vacation in the summer while your kid who loves hockey also gets to play in a tournament? Wild idea isn\'t it.
Keep telling yourself that these summer tourneys are vacations hahahaaa.
Haha try hard enough and you can convince yourself on anything

Re: Summer Help

New to this so trying to navigate, what am I thinking for coming here for actual advice?

Anyways, MITE aged kid. Where do I spend my money this summer? A couple week long camps? Or would the money be better spent getting a few private lessons with a skating coach? The reason I ask is that the thought of a skating coach for a mite aged kid seems like nonsense to me, but what are you in hockey without skating skills? I'm sure a camp will focus some on skating, but probably not in depth like a skating coach would?

Anyone gone through this and have some advice, one way or another?

First, as others have said, make sure you have time to be a family, and your kid to be a kid. Second, advice on figure skating is spot on or even figure skating instructors that do skill sessions for hockey players. In my experience, these groups are small so kids actually get the attention to detail they need. Name

If you can wing 1:1 financially, it works great because you set the schedule and in 30 minutes your player will be exhausted. Other than that, invest in a net & maybe 4x6 artificial sheet for your driveway so your kid can stick handle and shoot when HE feels like it.