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Re: 08 Boston Junior Eagles

you guys all sound like a bunch of jealous loosers !

Re: 08 Boston Junior Eagles

Try the ssk 08 elite, coach is an former nhl player and a real tool bag.
Hi there Chucky!! How’s life in the trailer park? Did your wife run out of Twinkies yet?
Not bad TH how was that Tootsie roll the basketball player gave you in college still enjoying the taste.

Re: 08 Boston Junior Eagles

Couple of questions since you are from the area and then we can move on.

1. Did you vote for Ilan Omar?
2. Do you acknowledge that Gary Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose ?
3. Do you support Tou Thao?
4. What is your stance on fracking?
5. Was Mike modano better in Dallas?

Thanks in advance for answering!

Free Tou !


Re: 08 Boston Junior Eagles

you are the biggest loser of them all!