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Youth Hockey
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Re: Moving from youth to High School Hockey

T1 vs Elite is completely meaningless at the high school level.

My oldest was a good T1 player, smart, good passer and all around player. He made varsity as a freshman and played in the top6 all four years (though he did get hurt as a freshman).

My second son was an Elite player, he ended up about 2" taller than his older brother and has a great work ethic but not as good hands. He didn't make the team as a freshman or sophomore.

There is a kid on Roxbury Latin that played all his PW and Bantam hockey in the New England Premier League, so basically town hockey. He made that team as a freshman. Another kid from that same youth program made Xaverian as a sophomore.

There is a kid on Nobles that made it as a freshman who plays T1.

There are kids on Walpole high varsity (D1) that have played only town hockey.

Tryouts matter. Captain's practices matter. What the captains think of you matters. Situation and available jobs matter. The sticker on your helmet is meaningless.