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Re: 2010 movement and rumors

Tryout Season
When you say “a bit” it’s rumored that they lost one player. Couldn’t have been too impactful as it looks like they had two wins this past weekend.
Sometimes less is more.
Good to know. Thank you for the info and congrats to them on a good weekend. Still recommend reaching out to various coaches prior to tryouts and checking out practices if looking to make a move.
Didn't one of those wins come from their Upper Gold Goalie. Good showing kid.

Re: 2010 movement and rumors

islanders 2010 kabloom...mass exodus best players leaving plenty of spots open

Re: 2010 movement and rumors

East or west?

Re: 2010 movement and rumors

Why are u talking about teams that do not matter? How about talk about the real moves in the 10 division?

Re: 2010 movement and rumors

Because my lousy bender wants a spot. That’s why. Loosah!