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08 Huskey's Mom
****please play audio in the background while reading my statement.

Hello and good afternoon. I wanted to take a minute to make an official announcement in regards to the incident that happened at Enfield on the morning of February 15th.

Having formerly been with the Huskies organization, I felt it was my duty to release a statement in regards to the actions demonstrated by the Ferraro brothers, as well as the current “huskies head coach”.

These words and actions have NO PLACE in the world of youth hockey. They are offensive and not tolerated at any level of youth sports. I would like to ask that both the Ferraro brothers and the current huskies “youth coach” issue a formal apology.

Now...I realize that there are certain families...specifically mothers who are very upset by the actions that occurred the morning of the 15th. If any moms would like to get together and talk this out...I’m available. I want to make sure you...the mom...are comfortable returning to the rink. I will take whatever actions Neccesary to make sure this occurs.

My fellow members of the Dboard...this is a troubling time in youth hockey, but rest assured!!!! I will make sure everyone mother comes out of this 100% in a good mental and physical place.

Thank you for your time and may god bless the Dboard.

Sincerely yours,

Phone- 1800-hot-moms
YESSSSSS Sir. I like the way this is going. I too, like to indulge in some wayward Mom's. Lets begin setting up the one-on-one council meetings asap!! This Mommy needs some ( . )( . )
Jesus...what a freak.
Thats what you get for the wham, bam, thank-you ma'am. You could have been "in" on all this fun, if you ever stuck around. Now I just here dreaming of ( . )( . ) in my face, and in search of rinks with glory holes!

Re: Huskie/CJR Game

The F....bombs were coming from the CJR bench

Re: Huskie/CJR Game

Huskies tied a weak WestcHester team that needs real aaa players. Another dad ran team