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Re: Playoffs E9

Can we vote the loser with the Bertha and Bessie comments off the island. He’s about as Funny as a wet fart in white jeans. Can we have Biden voting mods silence this retard.

Re: Playoffs E9

You don’t have to be around the game long to know this year is a cluster. I will stand by my comments, as moronic as you think they are. Let me see if I can slow it down for you. Let, the kids, play! Call it anything you want, playoffs, semi playoffs, covid asterisk playoffs. Let em play.

As for your offspring, after the playoffs, if he gets the one way ticket to cut land, trust me, there are a zillion teams out there looking for your checkbook.

Re: Playoffs E9

I'd love to know the standings for my bender's division but most games since Jan 1 haven't been updated on the site.