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Youth Hockey
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Re: U15/16

You dummies actually think playing at AAu16 is going to prepare your lousy benders to play against 18 year olds? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

If your kid is good, then he's good. Playing u15 or u16 is irrelevant. He either has it, or he doesnt, he's either gone through puberty or he hasn't. You think sniffing a 16 year old's jock is going to somehow get him ready to play with juniors or seniors? Laughable.
Sounds like your kid learned the hard way he should have taken up soccer. Bitter much?
Why would I be bitter? My bender went from 14s straight to Varsity.

Sorry dummie, my kid not only made Varsity as a freshman, but he was a rotation player. So yeah... sorry to bust your bubble. And he didnt do it playing in the super duper Fed "Elite" either. E9 player...imagine that. An E9 alumn leap-frogging all those soph, Jr, and Sr.Fed "elite" alumns not only to make the roster but to take shifts too. It was delicious seeing those Fed "elite" parents scrambling trying to figure out who the hell had the gall to take their super duper bender's minutes who have paid their dues for years and now was their time to SHINE! LMAO

Here's the skinny, sparky. By u14 your kid is either:

Fast or slow.
Big or small.
Strong or WEAK.
IN Athletic shape or still soft.
He either checks or avoids hitting.
He either plays through contact or shy's away from contact.
He either has hockey IQ or he doesn't.
He's either well into puberty or he still has peach fuzz.

Be honest with yourselves, how much of the above criteria does your bender possess? Those are your indicators of whether or not he'll make varsity let alone play a single rotation all season.

Playing with 15s or 16s means nothing. The speed of the game from 15 to 16 is similar. And at AA its still trash hockey anyway.

So go buy a couple of pounds of lean protein and hope he's learned how to play actual team hockey.