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Re: Girls playing fed elite

Let them stay as long as possible, bantom minor/major. There is some real talented girls in fed/bhl/e9. Probably would have thought differently 25 yrs ago but the game is faster but less physical.

Re: Girls playing fed elite

Bottom line is that most boys will let up when they know its a girl they are about to hit which gives her an advantage. But the minute that the girl takes a big hit from a player that doesnt care that he is hitting a girl, The coach and the parents with have something to say.

Re: Girls playing fed elite

I don’t know. I have seen a few daddy’s with flat tops on hormones that would wreck most guys below 6 feet - 2 Hunnett lbs. If they have a BLM sign in their window you are getting rocked

Re: Girls playing fed elite

2010 BJE girl is outstanding, one of the best players on a good team. 2010 CT Huskies have a girl defenseman that did not look out of place when we played them recently.