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Re: Too much?

Parents are delusional. By the end of the season, it\'s healthy to take a break. Be with kids outside their team and experience the outdoors and other sports and activities. They won\'t burn out and will be all the more excited to lace the skates back up in the fall/late summer. Let kids be kids.
Hey guys I hope I'm on the right DBoard... I've been working out my biceps and back twice a week for 8 years straight. I look like an absolute savage with my shirt off. My question is, am I working out too much? Should I take 6 months off? Will a 6 month break every year help me eventually build more muscle than all the other alphas at my gym?
Prob not. Especially. Your goal is to have muscles that serve no purpose.

But if you wan to be an athletic kid, then take a few months of from one sport and playing another is beneficial.

I know everyone has FOMO and worries their kid will fall behind.

But wait til prep and college and all the coaches want to know what other sports he plays.
Is it okay to keep skating a few times per week in the off season, while also playing other sports? The line seems blurry. Are tournament teams or spring leagues too much? How about a couple of day camps? 1 camp or 4? Is baseball/lax camp a better option? I'd hate for all the other dads to say that I suffer from "FOMO" or that I'm a psycho behind my back.

Re: Too much?

Can’t wait til b rockets kid tells him he hates hockey at 12 or has an overuse injury cause he’s been forced to skate 400 times a yr from the time he was 6.

Re: Too much?

Find the team with a few hot moms and go there. Its mite hockey. Nothing else matters.