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Bantam Major AAA year - does it really matter which National team in the AYHL we chose? Not looking for planes trains and automobiles just yet....and boy plays another sport just as competitively. Catching flak bcuz we chose the lower ranked team that’s closer to home, less money and blah blah....just truthful answers please, no insults. Sanx!

Re: Hmmmm

Your future plans should be a part of this decision. Your player looking to move on to U16 (15 Pure)? If so you want to see what programs offer after U14. Maybe you want them to attempt to go to a school, see what places focus on getting players committed to schools.
Do your research, rankings make no difference. Seen every team in every league lose games, development, path, Coach are all that matters.

Re: Hmmmm

Thank you! Useful response