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Youth Hockey
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Re: Torpedo System at u8

Crazy thought but what if we started teaching kids to play the torpedo system at u8 instead of teaching the 5 common positions? Wouldn’t they learn situational awareness quicker and develop a much greater hockey IQ? What if we thought them the Torpedo system when going on the offensive and a reverse torpedo system in the dzone that would feature a typical Box+1 but upside down set up 2-2-1? Could we eventually change the game to no longer use the terms RW, C, LW, RD, LD? Could we see positions being completely a non-point? Would the constant rotation of players make all players strive for being the most well rounded vs just being vs just being, for example, a defenseman being 1 dimensional like Chara? Imagine a game with 18 Charlie Macavoy vs 18 Connor McDavids. Crazy stuff man.
Imagine saying there could be a u8 game with multiple Connor Mcdavids. Are you from METHuen?