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Re: How to speed up development in 10 year olds

Questioning all that have elite or very good 2010. HOW TO I GET MY 2010 TO DEVELOP INTO AN ELITE PLAYER THIS OFFSEASON? Camps every spring & summer for the past 6 years and changing full season teams every 2 years so he doesn’t get bored of coaches. I’m sorry, but with this many reps/money spent why is he still playing for a platinum team? We’ve been to 3 elite tournaments just this spring and done very well (let’s just say over 1 ppg). I don’t buy into other sports being beneficial so don’t try that bs. I also don’t think playing year round is bad. All the NHL players did it, so why can’t my kid.

What camps do we need?

What tourneys should we get into?

Who are the best private coaches around Boston?

Re: How to speed up development in 10 year olds

Have him get new parents ?