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Re: Town C at best

Watching these parity games is painful. Most of these kids wouldn't make their upper town teams. Total waste of a perfectly nice weekend in June. I am mostly disappointed in myself as the kids are out there working hard and doing their best. This is on all of us in the hockey community and we can do better.

You are so right.

My kid is older now and I genuinely feel really bad for the parents that got it so wrong. They wasted away the best years of their families lives because they got caught up.

As I run into some of those parents know they all say they enjoyed those years but would do it very differently if given the opportunity and shake their heads at what they told me then.

Re: Town C at best

Sometimes you have to let people figure it out on their own. I know a family that was so mad their kid made the town C team (again, 3 years in a row). They were mad at all the kids who made higher teams; the kids who are on club teams or do a lot of extra outside skills work. They decided to go the club route and are absolutely thrilled they found a team that is a 45-60 minute drive from their house and will play in lower gold PeeWee division.

Re: Town C at best

Be grateful that they are playing. Don’t worry about the level.