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Re: U-14 ?

It is suppose to be released along with the parity divisions.

Re: U-14 ?

Wondering if ABC knows anything about U14 divisions? He's usually in the know.

Re: U-14 ?

Since you asked. U14 coaches all submitted requests for division alignment. The EHF wouldn't even say how many divisions there will be so it is a crap shoot as to placement. They are discussing either 2 or 3 divisions and the placement is going to be released this week with the rest of the parity announcements.

U14 is an annual disaster with half of the players heading to high school and the other half still in 8th grade. That is why the movement restrictions are not in place at that age.

Re: U-14 ?

1 division for U14 and it does not appear there are many full season teams,around 17. Realignment when half season ends and other teams opt in.

Re: U-14 ?

How does realignment work if there is only one division?

Re: U-14 ?

Split and make 2. Same way they used to do it for mites. Let the first couple of months serve as the parity and have at it.