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Re: EHF question

Top Gun moved its goaltending instruction in-house last year. It\'s is once a week with the entire organization split across two sheets of ice. I haven\'t heard any positive reviews from parents. It\'s such a waste of time that most now pay out of pocket for someone else to provide this training.
Probably shouldn\'t be surprised as Top Gun also got rid of professionally led skills for the skaters a few years ago.
Haha ok bud. I have a goalie in the program and he loved JB and AH. The other goalie on his team loved them too.

Ive had my kids in TG for the last 7 years. When did they have professionally led skills? They used to have the Director do 50 skills session mid week but they switched to 90 minute practices and axed the skills a couple years ago which I think all the parents are more than thrilled with.

Agree with above. JB is great. Old school approach. My kid did almost all of the Sundays they offered and had JB actually watch his game and give feedback.

Re: EHF question

Rats do goalie training for 6hrs a week.

Re: EHF question

How about other teams? flames, eagle, IHC, PHC, terriors and all.

Re: EHF question

Eagles are so good that you don't have to be a very good goalie. Just make sure Daddy is with the in group.

Re: EHF question

Jeff Cox
Rats do goalie training for 6hrs a week.