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Re: Boston Rockets

Any info on this org? Heard they maybe looking for players and my 10 yr old is always looking to pickup some extra ice/games. What league are they in? Home rink? Website is pretty weak on specifics.
I am guessing that it is PHL as they list "PREMIER" and their lower team "ELITE".
Maybe. Except the Rockets are not listed as a participating org on the PHL website.

It would just be a lot easier if this org would just provide some specifics on their website. Youth hockey websites are not generally known for being very informative, but this Rockets website is totally useless.

I would have thought someone involved with the Rockets would have responded to some of these comments by now.
Do the Boston Rockets even exist? This could be some skeleton site that was created but idea never flourished.

And what happened between Imperials and Somerville as alluded to in one of the posts?