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Youth Hockey
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Re: Reality

I had an 00' and a 98' . Youth hockey is different from every other sport. Our kids are cool because of the dedication and endless hours we put into them playing. Our 7-8-9 year old kids are allowed to say "you suck", fuc*ing this or that on the ice, our coaches can lose their **** on the bench in front of the kids, scream at officials and we think it's awesome because if that happened in soccer, NBC would be covering it. The hardest part is that the politics are insane.
If Jr is a stud, he's a stud, but if he's just above average, there's a good chance he's competing with other kids similar to him, but at the mercy of the coaches decisions, it's usually tough to rock the boat and break into a team. Thus, the dboard. I had a blast on here, I'm glad things haven't changed, it's fun. I learned lessons, you will learn lessons, and hopefully feel like I do in 10 years. Happy blasting anyways !!

Re: Reality

well said' 100% true