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Youth Hockey
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Re: Roster Size

Reality is U14 is unpredictable with half playing HS and half 8th grade. My kids team is carrying 22 knowing at least 12 are HS frosh. Earn your ice time.
How does that work ? Is the coach going to add drop guys every single game your only allowed 18 skaters and 2 goalies? Would hate to be on the top team and get dropped down weekly but then again that’s pretty normal for U14 and up.

Re: Roster Size

9-6-2 is ideal and throw a couple of alternates on top of that. Once we hit Thanksgiving the numbers every week bounce all over the place. U14 is no longer about the league games but rather focusing on HS hockey prep. Practice and game structure should have a HS format including playing time and discipline.

Re: Roster Size

good luck going with 9-6-2 buddy come high school you'll be playing with 6-3-1 at games unless you have all 8th graders. That will really get them ready for high school you moron. My kids team had 22 skaters on it and parents complained about it once December 12TH came we barely had 8-4-1 at games and practices became skill sessions with 6 guys on the ice.