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Re: Elite Prospects Joke Views(07 level)

Speaking strictly 07 level, New England area, some of the names with the highest views just aren't that good(ex local one, JH from BosAmer). What gives? Are they having all of their relatives go to their listing 700X a day? The legit top 07 players aren't at the top of the views! So the site really doesn't provide a true rep of top players if you're able to fudge it.
How is your wife “The Bride of Frankenstein “ doing these days? LMAOOO

Re: Elite Prospects Joke Views(07 level)

All these kids obsess about these days is how hockey makes them look on the internet. And eliteprospects if another way of them showing off to people.

Re: Elite Prospects Joke Views(07 level)

Correct me if I’m wrong please ?
Bos.Americans 07 BHL( Never qualified out!!! )
😂BHL boy wonder .
95 Giants & Iceman make for some great hockey competition 🤢
Nobody teaches common sense or humility in the self promoting arena of social media .
Daddy should take your phone before the real top 1000 players teach the lesson . (That is , if in fact Self Proclaimed #5 ranked Elite BHL Prospect ever actually plays a tier 1 team )!
BHL OR BUST boy wonder #5 Elite prospect .

Re: Elite Prospects Joke Views(07 level)

Jesus buddy why are you so angry ?

So because a kid is happy and wants to self promote himself it’s an issue ... good for the kid on believing in his game.

Let me guess your kid is a high end player and you needed to get a new phone plan from all the prep schools that are calling you daily.

The funny part about this is it’s bothering you so much you keep clicking on his page which is getting him more looks.