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Re: NHL Draft not so hot for MA

History repeats itself. The old MBHL was once very select and the best around, but then got greedy and expanded too much diluting its talent. To fix that, the now Fed owners got together and left the MBHL to form their own league (Fed), killing the MBHL. Problem is the Fed is now more bloated and diluted than the MBHL ever was.
Why is MA hockey so F'd up? Greed. Greed. Greed. Simple.

Re: NHL Draft not so hot for MA

MA was out drafted by Arizona, California and NH. D1 players from MA are continuing to decline. What is MA doing wrong? Where is the problem?
The rats told me I needed to switch orgs to get drafted and then I didn't WTF

Re: NHL Draft not so hot for MA

They needed more useless summer exposure camps and tournaments maybe.