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Re: Why are Cape Cod hockey programs so bad

Vinyard Vinny
If you live on the cape, nobody cares north of Plymouth. Those Vinyard Vines polos might be a little to tight in the collar or maybe the boat shoes but your kid just isn’t that good.
Uhhh people who live on the cape year round can’t afford any of those things

Re: Why are Cape Cod hockey programs so bad

New to the area..
Is it just me or have you noticed the further downcape you get the worst the programs get.

We weren't very impressed with the quote elite teams on the cape either.

They really didn't seem like the skill was not vastly different than the cape AAA teams we got offers from.
Amost a pay to play thing. I don't know maybe I'm wrong Just seem that way.

We ended up picking a team off cape after all the tryouts.

The level of play was faster and the players were noticeably more skilled.

We're grateful to have made it but my boys are not going to the NHL they're definitely higher level players but we need to be realistic.

Am I missing anything? Are there any programs on the cape that are worthwhile?

We went from Falmouth to Orleans.
And we did E9 and PHL thunder lightning Seahawks... Was not impressed at all.

Again The town " A " hockey programs were not very different from the "elite"programs As far as skill level goes so I didn't see the point in paying extra money.Seems better playing town hockey than what I saw on the elite teams on Cape.

I'm missing any teams and if I am please let me know.

We're going to be doing a lot of traveling this season.. I'd like to stay on the side of the bridge if we can find a quality program that I might be overlooking

Get help peasant