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Re: Girls have no place in boys bantam hockey

Your son may play college hockey, but intermural and club hockey don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t count.
Whatever Tell that to Jerry.
Enjoy you rec program noob.
No chance your kid plays for Jerry York at BC and every single person on this thread, whether they agree or disagree with your misogynistic viewpoint, knows you are full of crap.
I always tell my boy to go into the corners hard on girls that are still playing with the boys at Bantam. I always tell him. You never know. You might get lucky and find the five hole. How about them apples?

Re: Girls have no place in boys bantam hockey

What apples?

Re: Girls have no place in boys bantam hockey

There should be checking and no-checking leagues. It’s a pretty simple solution except then more boys would play the non-checking league and that would likely mean less spots for girls, who will want their own league again.

But at least having checking/non-checking would be more competitive and genderless which is what we all want right?

I personally have a son who just hadn’t grown yet. His skills are very high and he’s benefit from a more competitive league than playing on his town or bottom of the BHL team. It’s a shame having to go from top 2-3 in points on an EHF and E9 team to not playing “competitive” hockey because he simply hasn’t grown.

A non-checking league with better talent might be a great solution for players of any gender who want to develop and maintain skills.

What I find very ironic though is that the girls hockey world would absolutely never allow a boy to play on their teams. When it’s the other way, all hell breaks loose. Beside that, I don’t know many boys who wouldn’t bully another boy who plays for a girls team.

Again, the solution is really “hockey is for everyone”. Take out the gender. Checking or no-checking, and anyone can play whichever they want.