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Re: Girls have no place in boys bantam hockey

What apples?

Re: Girls have no place in boys bantam hockey

There should be checking and no-checking leagues. It’s a pretty simple solution except then more boys would play the non-checking league and that would likely mean less spots for girls, who will want their own league again.

But at least having checking/non-checking would be more competitive and genderless which is what we all want right?

I personally have a son who just hadn’t grown yet. His skills are very high and he’s benefit from a more competitive league than playing on his town or bottom of the BHL team. It’s a shame having to go from top 2-3 in points on an EHF and E9 team to not playing “competitive” hockey because he simply hasn’t grown.

A non-checking league with better talent might be a great solution for players of any gender who want to develop and maintain skills.

What I find very ironic though is that the girls hockey world would absolutely never allow a boy to play on their teams. When it’s the other way, all hell breaks loose. Beside that, I don’t know many boys who wouldn’t bully another boy who plays for a girls team.

Again, the solution is really “hockey is for everyone”. Take out the gender. Checking or no-checking, and anyone can play whichever they want.