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Re: USA hockey

You are such a pathetic loser. Your kid didn't get invited. You think your kid is awesome and he is just average. You researched the rosters at your kids age group and screamed at your wife that your kid is better than half of these kids on the Exposure rosters. You mumble yourself to sleep at night saying "wait til puberty" or "it all ends in mens league for 99%".
It's ok. Little Johnny might get better and get an invite to some of these high end events some day. He probably won't, but you already know that when you look in the mirror.

Re: USA hockey

How is Exposure related to U18s?

Re: USA hockey

Sweeds today? Better outcome, maybe?
5-3 Win for the Swedes over USA. Better luck with Germany?

Re: USA hockey

Wow the Germans are terrible.