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Just play

The odds of being hit by space debris are 1 in 3,200. The odds of getting Covid in 2021 are 1 in 6.

You cannot do anything about either.

Accept someone on your line will get Covid and move on. The glorified flu is better than getting clunked in the head by an inoperative Russian spy satellite.

STFU…stream your porn from space and cover your mouth when you sneeze.

Re: Just play

Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down a little. It’s one thing to make conjecture, but brash assumptions are a whole nother kettle of fish.

Covid you can have, but the odds of getting space debris have to be at least 1 in 5000. I mean c’mon! There is a lot of space in space.

You can in fact do things to prevent both as well. We are currently dealing with worldwide cases of space debris hitting people in the head. For more than a year, the doctors, scientists and philosophers have flooded us with ways to duck, dive, dodge, dave, and umm duck the debris.

Now I am not going to accept anything about my line mates getting covid because I don’t play hockey, my kid does. Also, goalies don’t have lines, so they are safe.

ACRONYM….jesus is watching, and close your mouth when you speak.

Re: Just play

Crack alert.