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Re: 2010 Elite

This is almost like starting another conversation on Rob Barletta...last weeks news.

Re: 2010 Elite

Who is coaching the Bandits Elite?

Re: 2010 Elite

I find the 2010 group as a whole very un impressive. My son has played with these so called studs on other teams and they're good. But the hype and rankings you clowns talk about every day is funny. Most of these teams would not even compete with lower end 09 teams. It's one year difference. I would expect these future NHL'ers who are so good be able to compete as a whole with older kids.

Re: 2010 Elite

Great input with “as a whole” hahaha ok E9 dad who scouts EHF.

Re: 2010 Elite

The 2010 rankings talk is beat. I disagree though, there is some pretty good talent in that pool but not enough of them right now.

Re: 2010 Elite

The steroid muscle head parent on the breakers should easily be ranked #4

Guy is a lunatic! What a loser