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Re: Mandates

Please stop posting misinformation, lies and conspiracies centered around the Covid-19 vaccinations.

The anti-vaxer crowd is exactly why we may end-up in another lockdown and the DBoard will not be a place for idiot fringe to post their crackpot theories and quasi-political garbage.

Please remember, this is a hockey related site. If you feel as though you would rather be banned here, great. Take this crazy talk to one of the sites that caters to the spread of lies and conspiracy theories and post. We choose to not be part of the problem.

DBoard Administrator

Re: Mandates

I think Freddy Mercury said it best

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust
Oh take it - Bite the dust bite the dust
Hey Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust ow
Another one bites the dust he he
Another one bites the dust haaaa

Re: Mandates

Turn off the local news. You clearly haven’t read anything other than what the government has told you. Sheep like you are the reason we will be back where we were last year. Going back to lockdowns and masks worked so good the first time. The vaccines are fine if you are old or fat or immune compromised. They are not a cure all. Take a look at Israel. That country has some of the highest vax rates in the world. Cases and hospitalizations have soared among vaccinated people. Do us all a favor and do a little research before you come on here and tell people they should shoot their kids up with something that clearly isn’t what they thought it would be. Prepare to get a shot every 6 months for the rest of your life. This virus is not going anywhere, it’s here forever we must learn to live with it. Follow the science,not the news!

Re: Mandates

That's why they keep you in Pawtucket. Much too dumb for Mass

Re: Mandates

You ever hear of arranged marriage bro? Allah Akbar