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Re: Looking for an honest team

nom nom
Our Team had a child skate with our team the other day. The child was not up to snuff. It was obvious. But Mom thought it went really well. There in lies the problem with honest. The Coaches saw me before they took the walk and asked me if I spoke to mom and dad. I told them good luck. I could see the pain on their faces that they had to give her unpopular news. I didn't stick around for the aftermath. But the coaches opinion was that maybe they could help her find a tier 1 team for her son. Maybe a gold team!! Delusion is the enemy of honest and you can't fight delusional parents!!

If you can't hear the coach trying to be honest with you, don't hold it against the coach because he / she didn't sign up to hurt the feelings of young athletes or their parents. Use your eyes, fight your own delusions!
You can’t fight delusional coaches. They have all the answers.

Re: Looking for an honest team


Re: Looking for an honest team

Heard Islanders are legit.