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Re: Mandatory masking/vax

You really are a know it all. Herd immunity was originally a combination of natural infection (people who got covid) and vaccinated people. Now the narrative is if you had covid we still want you vaccinated. People who had it, in addition to antibodies have resistance in their cells, perhaps for decades. Do you think these people should be required to get the shot as well?
Read about Delta and natural immunity. Now sit down.

Re: Mandatory masking/vax

Heard that the NE is shutting down. No interstate travel and no playoffs. Also no nationals for MA teams.

Re: Mandatory masking/vax

Please stop posting misinformation, lies and conspiracies centered around the Covid-19 vaccinations.

The anti-vaxer crowd is exactly why we may end-up in another lockdown and the DBoard will not be a place for idiot fringe to post their crackpot theories and quasi-political garbage.

Please remember, this is a hockey related site. If you feel as though you would rather be banned here, great. Take this crazy talk to one of the sites that caters to the spread of lies and conspiracy theories and post. We choose to not be part of the problem.

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