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Re: 06 teams to watch

06 Eagles..HAHAHHAHAHHAA. You mean the rainbow kids remaining after the top 06s went to U16? That BJE 06 team is no different than any of the countless mediocre 06 Mass teams. Last year's Wizards B team just tied you 3-3 but somehow you dummies are drinking the cool aid. You dopes arent making nationals let alone playing a single game against Shattucks.
It’s clear your kid is a terrible 06. No dog in this fight, but you clearly need therapy to deal with the fact that your son is bad at hockey.

Re: 06 teams to watch


Re: 06 teams to watch

Hearing that the 06 eagles from this year will come together again for a game this year against Shattuck's 06 team.

With this news. Who are the top 06 teams to watch
0-3-1 to start the season, but Shattucks is waiting with bated breath. You go with that Eagles dad.