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Re: Icecenter

If you where on the NHL rink I believe the door your talking about is the zamboni door. That’s because they don’t pick up the cutter

Re: Icecenter

The Zamboni drivers have about 1/10 of a clue on how to cut a sheet.

Re: Icecenter

Dude they have about 3" too much ice. If anything the they need to cut the ice

Re: Icecenter

Jeff the muppet
Who gives a flying Puck! Is the bar open?
Bar is getting redone right now. The rink rented it out to a bar. Going to be best spot in Salem

Re: Icecenter

Is there any worse puddle to play in that that dump?
How dare they charge teams to play in that slip!!
Aw poor little guy you upset about a little water?? You ok?