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Re: To the Admin

What the hell are you babbling about? I am passing information. I have never locked down, I don\\\'t wear a mask, and I sure as hell won\\\'t be showing any fascism ID card to anyone. Apparently, you are taking my posts as supporting any of this ridiculousness. My boys will be running around the US playing hockey, just like they have for the past year, regardless of any local policies.

For the record, my basement is a fu$%in^ amazing place to hang out. Shooting lane, gym, and bar ready for the zombie apocalypse.
You two should meet and make out, you deserve each other.

The reason both of you are safe is because you most people in this state are doing the right thing. Now go kiss and make up.

Now there's the ultimate closet Karen!
I think you need to brush up on your contemporary definitions….

Re: To the Admin

Any parent who is at Merrimack next weekend has a AA bender and needs to the time to get real with themselves! Save your money and play town!