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Re: When to correct my kids attitude?

OP, Good for you for having the conversation. Great step.

you can still watch your Pee Wee's practice. Just not all of it, and make it a social thing with other parents. Don't bear down on your kid.

Most important: Don't expect a new kid tonight!!! Too much. These things take time. Its a change of habit for the coach and the kid. Don't tell you kid he is good at hockey, or he could be good at hockey if he pays more attention. Tell you kid you liked his effort on one drill or another, but his effort could improve at this drill.

If your kid thinks, "Hey, they all think I am good, why does he have to work hard, he is already good in dad's eyes"
If you kid thinks, "My dad really liked my effort today" What do you think he will bring to the next practice? The sense that he is already good, or I want to make Dad proud and bring a really good effort again today" (That goes for everything in life) What kind of hockey player will he become if you give him that feedback instead of I think your a good hockey player Junior.

Re: When to correct my kids attitude?

Last night he and a few others looked way more focused. Obviously don’t know how long it will last but the practice looked much better as well.