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Re: Tournament Directors

I get it
The point is that tournaments were always Sat-Mon of a long weekend. Now they are starting Friday morning which means travel on a Thursday. The only one\'s this benefits are the tournament directors and the local hotels. Some schools give out 0\'s for unexcused absences in middle and high school. Like I said, I reserve the right to pull him for a big game, but weekend money grab tournaments in September don\'t cut it.

You are right, Hockey isn\'t always about playing hockey its always about lining someone else\'s pockets.
Holy hell you must be a blast at tournaments. I have been in this game for over 40 years and have been coaching for just shy of a decade. We have been starting tournaments on Friday's for as far back as my memory goes.

Go play town hockey and leave those of us trying to enjoy our weekends alone. No one will miss you.
you've been coaching for 40 years? do you come on the d board in between taking Cialis?
You really can't read very well, can you?

Re: Tournament Directors

Can you please stop booking games on a Friday at 7am or anything before 3pm. Some of us value or child's education. For the parents who don't care see you at Walmart.
I value my child's education too!!

Most hockey children I know are very good in school, more disciplined than their classmates, similar or better grades, better behaved, and overall work harder. I have never had a teacher complain about my child's performance in school. I took him out early for a tournament and brought them in late to school for a practice for years. One teacher raised an eyebrow. One principal stepped in and told me it wont be problem. I value education, and my hockey player gives a great effort and has excellent grades.

If you complain about the money, stop. You will lose friends. You said yes to hockey a long time ago. The cost was never a secret!!

My child has been to Canada a couple times, played across the US a couple of times, I hope we will have a chance to play in Europe before this S##tshow comes to an end. It will be a far greater childhood than I had. I already consider it a huge success. Let your kid skip a day of school a few times a year. He/she will love you more for it.