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Re: E9 EHF alternate questions

I believe EHF alternates can play in up to 15 games but no playoffs unless you're promoted to full roster? I heard half price is the norm for alternates, but keep in mind that tournaments are extra.

No clue about E9. What level are the EHF teams? Be careful as the mite teams are hit-or-miss. You've got some competitive teams and some absolute dumpster fires. Go with the best coaches but if that's not obvious, go with the team that looks the best in practice.
15games is minimum required for playoffs. He plays 15, and is rostered then he's eligible for everything (new system this year, so coach needs to do his due diligence and actually add him). If the coach says he can pay alternate tuition but play all games and practices, take it! Hope he has a good season and same deal next year!

Re: E9 EHF alternate questions

Hahaha dude your putting way too much thought into mite major hockey. EHF alts need 15 games to play in playoffs but some scum bag coaches will sneak him in game rosters when he’s not their. Do yourself a flavor and let him play full time on one team. He’ll be ok