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Re: Serious question…PeeWee PP and PK

My kids team has 5 coaches. The PP unit is easy to figure out…it’s the PK that’s a problem

Re: Serious question…PeeWee PP and PK

My older kid plays midgets for one of the top programs in the country. The coach rolls the lines for PP and PK. His explanation is he wants to develop all the kids and work on their inefficiencies and there's no other way to do it than playing time and coaching. He's well connected, high hockey IQ and no one in their right mind would question him because he knows what he'd doing. What's the end game for a peewee coach if he's not looking to develop players who struggle walking the blue line or boxing out in front of the net. The good coaches get so much more satisfaction building the confidence of the weaker players and seeing them develop over time.

Re: Serious question…PeeWee PP and PK

The previous post is spot on. I played for a very noted junior coach many years ago and he didn't even show us the PP at that level. He told us that we had one more guy than they did and to use our creativity to figure it out.

Re: Serious question…PeeWee PP and PK

common sense says to roll the lines and give them all a chance to play all situations.

Re: Serious question…PeeWee PP and PK

It is hilarious!!! The daddy coaches start running there sons out on both lines and double **** over the rest of the team Because a freaking win at 12 years old and that extra shift really freaking matters hahaha!!!!! Clowns. Yeah daddy coach if you’re reading and wondering if everybody’s watching you’re **** right we are we’re watching it all congrats and we’re laughing are asses off at you over beers later!!! So called development of the team right out the window blahahah!!!!