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Re: Fed up

Uhm, you do know how plus/minus works, correct?

Re: Fed up

Please explain what u mean

Re: Fed up

If the problem is the type of pug bag the coach uses, you have a problem, not him.
If the problem is that you're mad the coach doesn't use a white board, you have a problem, not him.
If the problem is you're not happy with your choice to select him as your sons coach, the problem again is yours, not his.

Re: Fed up

My son plays on a scrub level so-called elite team. Coach wears jeans on the ice, has a tool bag, literally a tool bag to carry pucks and when he dumps them on the ice he spends 3 minutes cleaning up the leaves. He also never uses a white board.

I'm ready to leave but nowhere to go. I want to give the org double freedom rockets and hit the bricks. Second year bantam, sons numbers are +12, 3 G 5 A in 6 games, but the refs shorted him a g-note and an apple.

Any recommendations on where to go?
Can you at least post your initials on here so that none of us actually sign your kid? Sorry you got your kid cut. You sound like a complete D-bag.

Re: Fed up

Dude, get a life, go to town hockey.

Did the coach not wear jeans at tryouts, guaranteed he had a Bauer hoodie with marinara sauce stains while convincing you to join him, and you did!!!

Ref shortchanged your kid a "g-note and an apple}, cut the crap.