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Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

Some teams like to go grab some fake wins against lower comp. Does a lot for their development lol

Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

You do know you can say no correct? Just tell the coach you have plans for the weekend

Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

Coaches like to get in tournaments because the parents think theyre neat. I think doing more than 1 a season is a waste of time

Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

Plus columbus was a dbag

Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

Looks like the Italians lost the woke war because my kid is playing in an Indigenous Peoples Day hockey tournament.

Go Indians!!, oops, sorry, cant say that. Go Redskins!!, oops, sorry, that team doesnt exist any more.

Poor Columbus, all he did was discover America and the woke trust fund Harvard intellectuals decided because he was Italian he must have committed all kinds of atrocities. Way to go Liz Warren, nice job for a faux Indian.

Re: Tourney Weekend Go Crazy

Kids like tournaments too. Not that you need to play a ton of them in a season but if you ask a hockey player if they want to play in a tournament the answer is yes 10/10 times.