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Re: MA Hockey Ref Email

If you encourage your kid to ref then you should be charged with child abuse !

They have continually asked my kid since he was 14 to ref and ump. No kid, or adult for that matter, should be subjected to the abuse from parents and coaches who think a bad call totally derailed their kids development.

I have done it. Refuse to go back and not an amount of money in the world could get me to ref again.

8 u parents screaming about a kid one inch off sides.

8 u parents screaming “trip” every time a kids stick touches a kids leg and they fall down because they can’t skate yet.

16 parents of single A players screaming about everything like the game at that level matters.

Parents have ruined every aspect of youth hockey !

Maybe we need to 'fix' the parents and coaches.

Re: MA Hockey Ref Email

My kid played in that 8U game. Ref tossed a coach a few mins into the game and had enough and walked off the ice mid 1st period. Game was almost cancelled until a ref in the next rink over jumped in last second to take over.
That ahole coach was asked to leave the rink three times. Bridgewater coach should be thrown out of the league.