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Re: Refs - Its "Official"

Have always thought there are a few bad apples out there ruining it for all.. This goes for players, coaches and parents.. Give them the gate and a next game suspension and I can assure you things will change. Look at it at baseball level.. No arguing balls and strikes. Asking a ref for clarity on a call should always be allowed but swearing and screaming, threating not acceptable. We all know the ref quality has been poor now for the past several years and now losing more refs is a disaster. Have some class and respect and work towards solving the ref shortage issue. I have never refed in my life and played and coached since 4. I agree with many of the refs as the amount of pay for morons that shout vulgarities is not worth it. Free reign for frustrated parents to tee off on a ref after a long week at work is so obvious. Get rid of the bad apples and lets play hockey.

Re: Refs - Its "Official"

Many good points already mentioned above. I have been reffing for 10 years and have learned that the key to keeping things under control is game management. Much easier as an adult than a kid. Very hard for a 14 year old to deal with an adult mite coach acting like a idiot. My son reffed for one year and was out because of this type of nonsense.
I do multiple sports and the start up and the yearly recertification required by USA hockey is much more time consuming than all of the other sports combined. The reason refs are doing 5-7 games a day is that if we didn't many more games would be cancelled. Finally hockey pays the least per game by far than the other youth sports. Youth Football $65 per game, Girls and boys lacrosse $75 per game, Soccer $60 per game, field hockey $60 per game, Basketball $55 per game. Ice Hockey $32-$42 per game depending on the level. Do the math - where would you go if you had the choice.