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Re: Pick 'em

The Hard Truth
My experience has been that the higher level of play and talent, the less insanity you will see.

At the top level Elite play, for Bantam and up, almost none happens.

Most parents get the game at that point.
Agreed. The craziest are at the at the youngest levels and have no idea what they are talking about. Moving their kid from program to program. Because that will obviously make little Johnny a super star.

Re: Pick 'em

Who\'s worse? Psycho dads or crazy moms? Does age level and division matter?

Are the mite, town level moms worse than the Pewee, EHF Elite dads?

My kids have played through all the age levels but not all the skill levels. To be clear, my kids were never elite. I\'ve seen some insane parents. A month into the season and I don\'t think I can sit with these people any longer.

One dad won\'t stop screaming his kid\'s name all game. Goes red in the face and all. It might be funny if I could put him on mute. One mom dragging her player out of the rink telling him everything he did wrong, the usual bit about not paying money to watch him do nothing all game.

Parents at U18 were good, mostly shut up. Ride\'s over for most of them. I still have one in the younger levels and it\'s like reliving it all over.
Why do you care? As the parent of a 96, 98 and an 09, I can tell you it doesn't matter you'll find psychos everywhere. Just find a isolated corner of the rink and watch from there. You'll be fine.