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This may be the best and most on target synopsis of all the EHF programs around.

Reviewer must have been around for a while to have this broad spectrum of knowledge.

Kudo’s to you.


agree with all except TG and SSK facilities. They aren't that bad!


agree with all except TG and SSK facilities. They aren\'t that bad!
TG’s ice is gross and legitimately unsafe/unplayable. Locker rooms smell like **** and Oly sheet is too big for anyone under 16. Totally redeem themselves with the beer buckets and 30 stall bathroom upstairs. Perfect spot for a peaceful dump.

Longer descriptions above are spot on.


Anon GoDa
IHC - great facility and coaching staff. Plum spots in the best tournaments. Poach instead of develop. Ruthless administration. North Shore monopoly.
TG - where all the kids who get cut from the other EHF Elite teams play. Facility should be condemned. Program is 4m under 500 since 2015
Breakers - bottom 3 in each age group. Crappy rink. Indifferent ownership. One of the too many south shore EHF teams
Terriers: .great logo and sweaters. Horrible facility. Generally .500 teams. Convenient location. Pizza
SSK - used to be the IHC of the south shore. Now most of the teams are bottom dwellers. Mediocre facility. Absentee ownership
MMF - plenty of ice. Central mass monopoly. Good coaching
PHC - no thank you
Bandits - new owner, mediocre facility, OMG check the standings
BJE - along with IHC and MFF are the gold standard
CTJH - for all the kids who can’t make MFF or CjR. Awful facility
MFF - huge player pool. Best program south of real New England and east of Chicago
This is right on the money other than the facilities. TG and SSK rinks are solid.