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Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

Not sure your statement holds up about them. Seems like they have developed a number of kids since mites.

8 forwards - 3 brought in and 5 developed
5 defensemen - 2 brought in and 3 developed

How\\\'s that compare to other teams?

Almost 40% of the team imported? Over 40% when you include the imported goalie? The statement holds up. It's how youth hockey works and is the fatal flaw of the entire model.
Wouldn’t call the goalie imported. He replaced the goalie that moved out of the area. Replacing kids who leave isn’t a flaw in the model.

Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

Other than the Eagles, these teams have no chance at this over rated tourney.

Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

Thanks to the eagles mishap this weekend PHC only needs a tie to get in.

Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

goalie left on his own, should they not have gotten a another goalie? your manipulating the numbers in your favor.

How do the numbers compare to other teams since Mites?

Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

I would say that is a big factor to take in for your numbers. Did they replace a kid that left or did they cut a bender that their staff simply couldn't develop.

Re: Terriers qualify for the Q

Your wife qualified for my d.