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agree with all except TG and SSK facilities. They aren\'t that bad!
TG’s ice is gross and legitimately unsafe/unplayable. Locker rooms smell like **** and Oly sheet is too big for anyone under 16. Totally redeem themselves with the beer buckets and 30 stall bathroom upstairs. Perfect spot for a peaceful dump.

Longer descriptions above are spot on.


Anon GoDa
IHC - great facility and coaching staff. Plum spots in the best tournaments. Poach instead of develop. Ruthless administration. North Shore monopoly.
TG - where all the kids who get cut from the other EHF Elite teams play. Facility should be condemned. Program is 4m under 500 since 2015
Breakers - bottom 3 in each age group. Crappy rink. Indifferent ownership. One of the too many south shore EHF teams
Terriers: .great logo and sweaters. Horrible facility. Generally .500 teams. Convenient location. Pizza
SSK - used to be the IHC of the south shore. Now most of the teams are bottom dwellers. Mediocre facility. Absentee ownership
MMF - plenty of ice. Central mass monopoly. Good coaching
PHC - no thank you
Bandits - new owner, mediocre facility, OMG check the standings
BJE - along with IHC and MFF are the gold standard
CTJH - for all the kids who can’t make MFF or CjR. Awful facility
MFF - huge player pool. Best program south of real New England and east of Chicago
This is right on the money other than the facilities. TG and SSK rinks are solid.